Realistic Balance Awaits…

We understand balancing building a successful business and being a superstar mom is hard, yet in today’s digital world, it’s more common than ever

We talk about our experiences of all ages, from birth, through pre-teen. Balancing your business and your babies while battling mom-guilt and clients can make you feel pulled in a thousand different directions. Sometimes you just need someone to listen to who has been there done that and come out the other side is still in the thick of it.

Listen in while we discuss our motherhood, our experiences, and insights into marketing.

The 5 Secret “Ingredients” To Finding Balance

Set goals that matter and actually help you, the average mom and business owner, achieve living the life you want without ditching the whole thing two weeks into the year.

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Effective Client Retention Strategies

Effective Client Retention Strategies

Episode 142

In this episode, Jessie and Angela discuss strategies for client retention, emphasizing the importance of building and maintaining strong customer relationships. They outline several key tactics, including personalized service, loyalty programs, and regular communication with clients. The conversation highlights the significance of understanding customer needs and preferences to tailor services and offers accordingly. It also touches on the use of feedback to improve and innovate, as well as the critical role of customer satisfaction in fostering loyalty and repeat business. Jessie and Angela underscore that client retention is not just about the initial sale but involves a continuous effort to keep customers engaged and satisfied, ultimately leading to a loyal client base that supports the business over time.

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The Myth of More: Questioning the Constant Push for Growth

Episode 141

In this episode, Jessie and Angela discuss the unrealistic expectations for constant growth in the mom entrepreneur space, especially in American culture. It critiques the pressure to achieve six or seven-figure incomes, emphasizing the importance of personal fulfillment and balance over financial success. They explore how these societal pressures conflict with the desire for a balanced life as a mom and business owner. They advocate for appreciating personal achievements and maintaining business satisfaction without succumbing to the relentless pursuit of growth. The conversation also touches on the distinction between being content with one’s business and the constant push for expansion, emphasizing the importance of personal relationships and life satisfaction over mere financial gain.

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