Realistic Balance Awaits…

We understand balancing building a successful business and being a superstar mom is hard, yet in today’s digital world, it’s more common than ever

We talk about our experiences of all ages, from birth, through pre-teen. Balancing your business and your babies while battling mom-guilt and clients can make you feel pulled in a thousand different directions. Sometimes you just need someone to listen to who has been there done that and come out the other side is still in the thick of it.

Listen in while we discuss our motherhood, our experiences, and insights into marketing.

The 5 Secret “Ingredients” To Finding Balance

Set goals that matter and actually help you, the average mom and business owner, achieve living the life you want without ditching the whole thing two weeks into the year.

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Practical Tips For Protecting Your Time

Practical Tips For Protecting Your Time

Episode 149

In this episode, Jessie and Angela discuss practical tips for protecting one’s time amidst the demands of communication in today’s fast-paced world. They emphasize the importance of setting boundaries, both in personal and business contexts, to ensure that individuals can dedicate time to their families, self-care, and hobbies. The conversation touches on the difficulty of maintaining boundaries with long-term clients, the benefits of setting designated times for checking emails and social media, and the importance of communication with family members about availability and expectations. They also discuss the value of prioritizing tasks and delegating when possible. The episode is reflective and offers insights into balancing professional and personal life.

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Navigating Business Partnerships with Friends

Episode 148

In this episode, Jessie and Angela discuss the complexities and benefits of business partnerships with friends, drawing parallels with family relationships and emphasizing the importance of clear expectations, open communication, and respecting each other’s strengths and boundaries. They share their personal experiences of collaboration, highlighting the necessity of flexibility, mutual support, and setting priorities, especially when family is involved. Jessie and Angela stress the value of having honest conversations about workload, responsibilities, and conflicts to prevent resentment. They reflect on their journey, discussing the challenges and rewards of working together, the importance of enjoying the collaboration, and the need to continually adapt to life’s changes. The conversation concludes on a positive note, with both expressing gratitude for their partnership and the experiences they’ve shared, affirming the potential benefits of partnering with a friend in business.

**ANNOUNCEMENT** After nearly 3 years, the Marketing Moms podcast is sunsetting. We’d love to invite you to share any final comments, favorite memories, or questions with us for our final episode, 150. Email us at or find us on Instagram @marketingmomspodcast by April 10, 2024 to be included.

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